Seven Reasons Why to Buy Luxury Villa in Ohana Hills / Damour - Lebanon

Posted by Ohana Team on Sep 27, 2019 1:15:31 PM


Ohana Hills Villas


If you are looking newly luxury villas for sale in Lebanon then you must visit Ohana Hills, a real estate development project in Lebanon offering luxury villas in the heart of Medyar, a location overlooking Damour seaside with amazing views.

Those who are looking for something more than just land, houses or homes for sale, a high end luxury villas will be the best option for them. Different from normal houses, Ohana luxury villas can greatly change your living experience.

Ohana Luxury Villas in Lebanon are located in a prime location in the heart of Medyar and is a perfect option for you. There are many factors to consider which have made it a dream for every buyer or real estate investor.


Ohana Hills Villa


Do you want some reasons to buy your luxury villa in Ohana Hills? Here are some:

Seven Reasons to Buy Ohana hills’ Luxury Villa in Medyar


  1. It is a Perfect Way to Show your Status

Villas these days are treated as the sign of great social status. If you have a luxury villa, then don’t hesitate to flaunt it. People these days don’t just want to live in a villa they want a place which is classy and can offer them a luxurious lifestyle. This the reason behind the increasing demand for Luxury Villas in Lebanon.


  1. Better Return on Your Investment

If you are investing your money for buying a luxury home in Ohana Hills, then there is no need to worry about the return. You will enjoy a lot of profit in just a few years. So, consider investing in a high-end luxury villa.


  1. Better Social Security

You will enjoy a decent neighborhood and people living around that will also share a similar kind of lifestyle that you have.


  1. Top Class Features and Facilities

You will enjoy all the facilities which will let you live a luxurious and comfortable life. Everything will be world class and up to your standard.


  1. Unique Style Architecture

Special attention is given on the minutes of the details to ensure that the buyer gets something unique and highly luxurious.

Even though a bit on the high end, but the benefits that you will receive are quite impressive


  1. Excellent prices and payment facilities for Luxury Villas

These days a land for sale or a house for sale in Lebanon are not considered as a real estate investment due to the high prices. We have made special consideration on how we can make it easier on your finances to own your Ohana hills luxury villas.

Whether you are paying a large or a small amount, your monthly installments are transparent and being scheduled with our friendly sales team, to have an idea please visit Ohana Hills payment facilities calculator page to check them out (click here).


  1. Various Villa types and Facilities

Ohana Hills luxury villas are planned and designed to suit and match all kind of taste as they come in various sizes and options i.e. you can find and choose villas with or without a private pool etc. check out more Ohana Luxury Villa types on this page (click here).

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Now is the right time to invest in the Lebanese real estate sector. A growing industry amidst the economic challenges.

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